The Backlash Against Microfinance

Duncan Green of Oxfam International summarizes some of the most recent criticisms of the use of microfinance as a way to lift people out of poverty. He  takes note of some important new studies.

The backlash against microfinance

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  1. Hi Jane,

    I have been following your blog for a while now. Your postings have enlightened me about fair trade policies. Based on your comment on my blog, I also had an opportunity to highlight the work of your partners in Chennai.

    Just wanted to say ‘Thanks!’ and keep up the wonderful work you do.


    • Hi Adarsh – You may want to check out my new blog location – it is: – I am migrating all of the articles over to that new site. Join us there! I welcome your comments. BTW, I’ll be in Chennai in March, 2010…Hope to meet you!

      • Hi Jane,

        I will be a regular reader of your blog at SedonaCyberLink. If I am in India in March 2010, we will definitely meet!


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