This blog focuses on the global economy.

Posts will generally be on the following topics:

  • Global economy
  • World trade
  • Free trade
  • Fair trade
  • Regional economic development
  • Political economy
  • Poverty & links to environmental sustainability
  • Role of multilateral institutions in global economy
  • Microeconomics
  • Macroeconomics
  • Role of cybernetics in global transformation

Various posts will be referring to observations about a single sector, the textiles sector as an example of trends in the global economy.   The Blog will serve as a focal point for various authors with different points of view commenting on these subjects.

New Silk Road Book Project

[Download a copy of the book outline from the blue Box.net box on the left column.]

In the globalized world all physical, institutional, economic and social systems are interconnected.  In order to create sustainable conditions where economic growth and resource management are in balance each industry sector should be viewed as part of this interconnected reality.  The textiles sector is comprised of both formal and informal segments and is integral to the economies of many countries around the world.  It has both an ancient history as a commodity of trade and a modern basis for advanced technological development.  It is used by both business conglomerates as a primary manufacturing process and, at the same time, by cottage industry workers seeking to create a subsistence income.  There are numerous environmental contaminants from multiple stages of the textiles manufacturing industry that must be rationally managed. The sector can also serve as a vehicle for illustrating a wide variety of labor management issues.  Creation of a global integrated system can be illustrative of a New Silk Road for manufacturing, commerce and trade.

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